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Hotel Villa Junona, Brela, Croatia

Hotel Junona Basha Voda Croatia

Situated in a quiet, green area, overlooking the Adriatic sea and surrounded by age-old mediterranean cedars, the brand-new hotel Villa Junona provides quality accommodation and wide range of facilities. From its spacious balconies, you can enjoy breathtaking views. The famous Punta Rata beach and resort town of Brela is within 20 minutes walk. Less than a minute walk distance separates hotel from the pretty small-pebbled beach where you can swim in the sublime sea, sunbath and enjoy any water-sport facilities you like. The beautiful Villa Junona offers world service standards for the reasonable price. You’ll have here an unforgettable holiday any in all weather and seasons.

Each room has everything for recreation

In every apartment you have:
  • Spacious balcony
  • Seaview
  • Air condition
  • Large flat-screen TV
  • Internet access
  • Telephone
  • Shower, WC

A cozy balcony with a direct view at the Adriatic Sea and the nearby islands of Hvar and Brac. In the morning you will be entertained by the invigorating coolness created by the surrounding pines, and in the evening you can enjoy the view of the sun descending the sea.

Air conditioning is a prerequisite for a comfortable stay in the southern countries. Hotel Villa Junond offers you not just an air-conditioning, at the disposal of our guests is the modert climate control system. You can program the mode of its work by opurself, or ask the staff to do that remotedly.

To stay in touch with the world. Large TV with hundreds of satellite channels in different languages, Internet access from each room, telephone. We took care of everything: you'll always have something to watch on TV before going to bed, and have the opportunity to share all Croatisn impressions with your friends from social networks.

Types of accommodations

Two-level apartment

Двухэтажный номерThere are only three two-level apartments in the hotel. All of them are at the last floor of the hotel. They have spacious balconies with a picturesque view to Adriatic sea and Croatian islands. The living room and the bathroom unit are on the first level. The bedroom is on the second level, made in form of gallery. The room has a wide double bed in the bedroom, a large flat-screen TV, refrigerator, couch and armchair in the living room. Both rooms are equipped with air-condition and wi-fi router. Learn more


Two-rooms apartments

There are sixteen two-rooms apartments in the hotel. There are living room, bedroom, spacious balcony and a bathroom unit in every two-rooms facility.

Guests will enjoy picturesque view to Adriatic sea and Croatian islands. The room has a wide double bed or two beds in the bedroom, a large flat-screen TV, refrigerator, couch and armchair in the living room. Both rooms are equipped with air-condition and wi-fi router. Learn more

Studio apartments


There are only two studio apartments in the hotel. They situated on the second and third floors.

The room has a spacious balcony, a wide double bed or two beds, a large flat-screen TV, refrigerator, comfortable couch and an armchair.

Apartment is equipped with a modern air-condition system and wi-fi router. Learn more


 Please, be informed: We offer early booking possibility. Only till 1-st of March you can save more than 1000 euro per week of your great Croatian holiday!

вид из окна  двухэтажные номера виллы "Юнона"

Современные двухэтажные номера виллы "Юнона"

Три двухэтажных номера расположены на верхнем этаже гостиницы. С большого балкона открывается восхитительный вид на море и острова. У нас все номера очень просторны. В Хорватии вы вряд ли найдете предложения с большей площадью помещений для отдыха. 


вид из окна  виллы "Юнона"

Уютные апартаменты студио с большим балконом

Оформленные в средиземноморском стиле и выполненные в приятной золотисто-коричневой цветовой гамме, номера класса «студио» имеют роскошные стеклянный балконы, откуда можно насладиться дивным панорамным видом на синее море, днем усыпанное белоснежными парусами, а ночью подмигивающее тысячами загадочных огоньков.